Hi, I'm Michael. 

You probably have no idea who I am, but you may recognise the red monster and cookie I created over 30 years ago when I founded one of New Zealand's best loved brands, Cookie Time.

It's been one heck of a ride since the days where I'd drive around Christchurch in my little van to distribute cookies to glass jars on dairy counters! Since then, I've created One Square Meal which has become New Zealand's favourite fully balanced meal in a bar, and more recently, I've launched Nutrient Rescue: a company which helps people get more micronutrients from plants. 

But my focus now is much bigger than just building businesses. I want to build a better New Zealand and I’d love and appreciate your help. 

Read on!

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What if New Zealand was a fair and prosperous country where the people and the environment flourished? 

It can be. But we have work to do. 

Obesity and diabetes are at all time highs, our waterways are more polluted than ever before, child poverty and inequality have become the new normal. 

But none of this should be normal. There's nothing normal about not being healthy, not being able to swim or drink from our rivers, or not having the same opportunities as another New Zealander because of the situation you were born in. 

I've been very fortunate. Now I'm on a campaign to ensure everyone has the same opportunities to enjoy good personal health and a great environment. 

Will you help me and do something?

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